15 Gym Exercises To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery

Gym Exercises To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery. Woman feeling proud to perform gym exercises to get bigger boobs.

(2) Dumbbell Fly To Strengthen & Tone Up Whole Chest

It is one of the most common gym exercises to get bigger boobs without surgery. Dumbbell flys often involves assistance of a trainer or spotter to make sure that you are performing them correctly. It is because you wouldn’t be able to observe yourself in a mirror.

In this exercise, your elbows should stop when they are at the full extension. But, you will still have a slight bend at the elbow & wrists.

Here is the step-by-step process or instructions for dumbbell flyes:

Dumbbell Fly To Strengthen & Tone Up Whole Chest.

Woman performing dumbbell fly to strengthen & tone up whole chest.

(a) Get a pair of light pair of dumbbells (or barbells) along with a weight bench.

(b) Lie either on the flat bench (or floor) on your back. Hold dumbbells in air above your shoulders with elbows in slightly bent position. You can either keep your legs straight or bend your knees.

(c) Contract your chest muscles. Inhale & slowly move your arms apart until they become parallel to the floor. Your elbows should remain in slightly bent position. It is a position that is almost equivalent to flying.

(d) Keep the chest muscles contracted. Exhale & lift the dumbbells back over your head straight up over the chest without touching them. Keep the same bend in your elbows while returning to the starting position.

(e) Repeat the entire steps 12 to 15 times for better results. Take rest for 90 seconds.

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