15 Gym Exercises To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery

Gym Exercises To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery. Woman feeling proud to perform gym exercises to get bigger boobs.

(3) Assisted Chest Dip For Well-Toned Breasts

It is one of the most popular gym exercises to get bigger boobs without surgery. Assisted chest dip, also known as machine dip, is a lower chest exercise for beginners who lack strength to perform chest dips on their own.

An assisted chest dip machine tends to restrict torso motion. Therefore, they tend to target triceps more than chest. The position of your torso affects the focus of the exercise. A slight forward tilt is considered to be the best for targeting the pectoralis muscles of the chest.

Generally, more you bend forward the harder you work the pectoralis muscles. However, an upright posture shifts the focus on triceps.

You should also keep in mind that adding weights makes this exercise easier to perform. It is due to counterbalancing of your body weight. Here is the step-by-step process or instructions for assisted chest dip:

Assisted Chest Dip For Well-Toned Breasts.

Woman performing assisted chest dip for well-toned breasts.

(a) Find the assisted chest dip machine in the gym.

(b) Set the appropriate counterweight. You should pick a counterweight that makes you struggle on the last two reps in a set of 10. When you get stronger then decrease the weight. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds & placing counterweight of 100 pounds then you have to lift only 50 pounds of your body weight.

(c) Step up on the platform & grab the handles that are near your waistline.

(d) Place your knees on the platform & let it lower you until you lock your arms in place.

(e) Inhale as you lower down your body with your torso leaning forward.

(f) Try to get your arms into a 45-degree angle.

(g) Exhale as you push yourself up again.

(h) Repeat three sets of 10.

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