10 Healthy Diet Tips To Promote Weight Loss Naturally

Healthy Diet Tips To Promote Weight Loss Naturally. A young woman drinking green tea to promote weight loss naturally.

(8) Spice Up Your Meals

It is one of the best & highly popular dieting tips for natural weight loss. Spices can really do wonders to your weight loss plans. A little sprinkle of spices such as chili peppers, jalapenos, etc. on your eatables may boost metabolism & increase the fat burning process.

According to a recent study conducted by Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, those who added spices to their food tend to shed an average of 30.5 pounds or nearly 15 % of their body weight.

This beneficial effect is due to the presence of a compound known as capsaicin. Capsaicin may also reduce appetite & calorie intake. Thus, you should never forget to sprinkle spices over salads & even your food.

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(9) Eat Popcorns

It is one of the wonderful & healthy diet tips to promote weight loss naturally. Popcorn, also known as popping corn, is a type of corn that expands from kernel & puffs up on heating. Many individuals just prefer to eat popcorns in their lazy time or while watching movies.

According to a study conducted by Journal of the American Dietetic Association, popcorn eaters tend to get 250% more whole grains & 22% more fiber than those who don’t eat it.

Popcorn provides more whole grains & enough fibers to keep your blood sugar levels almost constant. This will help you to feel full for longer time.

However, you should avoid adding butter & oil to them just to enhance your taste as it can derail your weight loss goals.

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