11 Food Replacements To Beat Diabetes Naturally At Home

Food Replacements To Beat Diabetes Naturally At Home Young woman fighting off unhealthy fast food to prevent diabetes.

(8) Replace Unhealthy Ingredients Of Favorite Dishes

It is one of the most important food replacements to beat diabetes naturally at home. Every individual has one or more favorite dishes that he/she loves to eat. But, every favorite dish is not as healthy as one might think.

Most of the dishes are made from a number of ingredients. These ingredients can be either healthy or unhealthy in nature. Sometimes, it can be a combination of both. In such situation, either you need to stay away from your favorite dish or replace the unhealthy ingredients.

For example, Chinese food dishes are often rich in high-calorie, high fat, high sodium & high carbs ingredients. These can spike the blood sugar levels quickly. Therefore, if you enjoy Chinese food then you need to prepare a modified recipe at home.

Your new recipe should use steamed veggies, low-sodium, low-fat condiments & flavorings. Sodium reduction can help to lower blood pressure. Similarly, replacement of white rice & noodles with brown rice can significantly decrease the risk of diabetes.

Best & Healthy Recommendations:

You should always prepare your favorite dishes at home by performing wise & healthy replacements without disturbing its taste. This healthy practice will allow you to enjoy your favorite dishes even while undergoing diabetes treatment.

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(9) Replace Unhealthy Sauce With Spices Or Condiments Or Homemade Ready-To-Use Sauce

It is one of the most common food replacements to beat diabetes naturally at home. Sauce is a liquid or semi-liquid edible dressing or condiment that is served along with other foods. Generally, sauces are not used by themselves. But, they can add flavor, moisture, & visual appeal to another dish.

However, they are often prepared from unhealthy ingredients such as excess sugar, salt, cream & many more. For example, Alfredo sauce is a sauce that is made from heavy cream, parmesan cheese, & lots of butter.

These ingredients can adversely affect the health of pre-diabetics or diabetics. Therefore, you need to replace these unhealthy ingredients with spices or condiments as per your own requirement.

Additionally, you can also make your own home-made flavored sauces. You just need to infuse right amount of herbs & spices during its preparation. You can also make homemade ready-to-use sauce without any need to add preservatives in it.

Best & Healthy Recommendations:

You should always replace unhealthy ingredients of desired sauce with healthy ingredients at home. However, your homemade sauce should be in an amount that is sufficient for one or two meals only.

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