11 Food Replacements To Beat Diabetes Naturally At Home

Food Replacements To Beat Diabetes Naturally At Home Young woman fighting off unhealthy fast food to prevent diabetes.

(10) Replace Worst Fruits With Healthy Fruits

It is one of the most surprising food replacements to beat diabetes naturally at home. Fresh fruits are an abundant source of proteins, vitamins, minerals, & dietary fibers. But, every fruit is not beneficial to the same extent.

It is particularly true, if you are suffering from pre-diabetes or diabetes. Several fruits are known to contain more sugar than others. These types of fruits can spike the blood sugar levels quickly.

Some of the worst fruits for individuals suffering from diabetes include watermelon, bananas, mangoes, grapes, pineapples, pumpkins, papaya, & stone fruits such as peaches & nectarines, and many more. Therefore, you need to replace worst fruits with healthy fruits.

According to a post published in Health Magazine, what works for one diabetic may not work for another, so you need to find which fruits work best for you.

You can also combine the fruit with peanut butter or low-fat cheese. This strategy will reduce the fruit portion by almost half amount. However, you are advised to test your blood sugar levels two hours after eating them to find out how your body reacts with them. Some of the best fruits that are lower in sugar content include granny smith apples, blueberries & other berries.

Best & Healthy Recommendations:

You should always replace unhealthy fruits with high glycemic index with healthy fruits with low glycemic index. This will be best strategy to control sudden spike in blood sugar levels due to consumption of such worst fruits.

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(11) Replace GMO Foods With Home-Made Healthy Options

It is one of the most healthy food replacements to beat diabetes naturally at home. GMO foods are foods that were genetically engineered with genes which in turn were produced in lab from plants, animals, or even viruses.

This process is completely different from traditional cross breeding. In genetic engineering, certain additions were made to the genes for some desired improvements.

These desired benefits could be to help a plant resist heat, disease, insects or other common factors. GMO foods are also known as GM foods, or Genetically Modified Foods, or Genetically Engineered Foods.

According to some estimates, about three quarters of all packaged foods are GMO foods. Some of the widely popular GMO foods include tomatoes, lemons, corn, soy, canola & many more.

GMO foods are known to carry certain risks with them. Although, research has not been done to see how GMO foods are affecting human bodies but preliminary testing on animals has revealed certain adverse impacts.

GMO foods can impact on immune system, can speed up aging process as well as can adversely affect the function & size of various organs. Individuals with diabetes have a chronic condition that may affect the immune system.

Therefore, it is necessary to consume a diet that can boost immune system rather than compromising it. Thus, it will be best strategy to replace GMO foods with home-made healthy options.

Best & Healthy Recommendations:

You should replace GMO foods with home-made healthy foods or with organic foods. Therefore, it is necessary to shop around local farmer’s markets to get fresh & healthy foods at cost-effective price.

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