15 Food Eating Habits To Manage Type 2 Diabetes Quickly

Food Eating Habits To Manage Type 2 Diabetes Quickly Woman eating natural & uncooked food to manage type 2 diabetes.

(12) Go For Intermittent Fasting

It is one of the most important food eating tips to control or reverse diabetes at home. Intermittent fasting indicates consuming calories during a specific window of the day. However, you should avoid eating food in the rest of the time.

You should go for at least 16 hrs intermittent fasting between dinner & breakfast. This strategy will help you to balance blood sugar at normal level. Simultaneously, it will also reduce cellular inflammation in the body.

You should consume your meals in an 8 hour window such as 11 AM to 7 PM. Additionally, you should not forget to monitor fasting insulin levels. It is as important as fasting blood sugar.

Your fasting insulin levels should be between 2 and 4. The higher your level, worse your insulin sensitivity will be.

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(13) Remove Saturated Oil Or Fats From Diet

It is one of the most wonderful food eating habits to manage type 2 diabetes quickly. Saturated fats can adversely affect the health of an individual. They can promote cellular inflammation which in turn causes insulin resistance in those who are consuming it.

On the other hand, healthy unsaturated fats such as olive oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, etc. are found to have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, their consumption will reduce the risk of insulin resistance to a great extent.

However, you should always beware of using only the limited amount of unsaturated fats as they also contain some calories. You can reduce the consumption of unsaturated oil by following tips:

(a) Measure oil to be used with a spoon rather than pouring directly from the bottle. This habit will limit your oil consumption.

(b) Try dry-frying foods with a little water and no oil. It will help you to cut calories.

(c) If you prefer, you can use some shop-bought, low-calorie sprays to cut the amount of oil that you use.

(d) Don’t sprinkle olive oil directly from bottle onto the salad. You can instead use lemon juice, balsamic vinegar & olive oil in combination. It’s lot tastier, too.

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