10 Common Things You Must Avoid During Pregnancy

Common Things To Avoid During Pregnancy. Tightly dressed pregnant woman resting in her home.

Pregnancy is a delicate phase requiring special care not only in diet, cosmetics, & your lifestyle but also some common things to avoid during pregnancy. You should take every step wisely to promote natural & healthy pregnancy for the growth of your developing embryo.

Generally, you have to consume only the natural & healthy products to promote natural growth of your baby. But, you also have to stay away from harmful products that may endanger the life of your own baby in the womb.

There are several household products including cosmetic products that need to be avoided during pregnancy. Here are 10 common things to avoid during pregnancy:

(1) Under-Wire Bras

An under-wire bra, also known as underwired bra, is one of the most common things to avoid during pregnancy. It is a brassiere that is made from a thin, semi-circular strip of rigid material (metal, plastic, or resin) to support woman’s breast. The wire is fitted inside bra fabric as well as under each cup from center gore to wearer’s armpit.

But, when breast starts growing & changing during pregnancy then under-wired bras will be quite uncomfortable. However, no evidences are still present regarding its harmful effects on would-be moms.

Several healthcare professionals have a common view that under-wired & tight bras may interfere with the natural growth process of your breast during pregnancy. It may obstruct the increased blood flow to your breast, put pressure on developing milk duct system, as well as cause discomfort & inflammation.

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