10 Common Things You Must Avoid During Pregnancy

Common Things To Avoid During Pregnancy. Tightly dressed pregnant woman resting in her home.

Therefore, if your breast outgrown your usual bras during pregnancy then you should shift towards non-wired maternity bra with soft & supportive cups. You can also buy & wear maternity bras at night while sleeping. Finally, you should never forget to measure your bra size 2-3 times during pregnancy.

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(2) Overly Tight Clothing

It is another most common things to avoid during pregnancy. Pregnancy is always accompanied with rise in body weight & change in body shape that can even make your perfectly fitting cloths quite uncomfortable to wear.

Pregnant women should not wear overly tight clothing during this critical period as tight & undersized cloths could restrict the blood flow, increase swelling in your body, as well as reduce the distribution of nutrients to your developing baby.

Thus, you should not hesitate to replace your overly tight cloths with loose & comfortable clothing to keep your baby safe as well as to promote healthy growth of your baby.

(3) High Heel Sandals Or Footwear

It is also very common things to avoid during pregnancy. Several women prefer to wear high heel sandals or footwear to enhance their killer looks on special occasions. But, wearing high heel sandals or footwear during pregnancy phase is not a good idea because body weight of would-be mom increases.

This results in change in body shape & center of gravity which in turn makes the walk of pregnant women quite different & less steadily as compared to prior pregnancy time.

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