10 Common Things You Must Avoid During Pregnancy

Common Things To Avoid During Pregnancy. Tightly dressed pregnant woman resting in her home.

During pregnancy, expectant mother’s body releases hormone relaxin to loosen the tissues to keep your joints stable which in turn results in making your pelvis muscles more flexible to promote childbirth.

This puts an extra pressure on joints may contribute to lower back pain. But, when you wear high heeled sandals or footwear then actually more pressure is exerted on your back, knee & ankle joints.

Sometimes, pregnancy is also accompanied with swelling in various parts of the body. Thus, it’s not safe to wear high heeled sandals or footwear but if you can’t live without heels then make sure to carry a pair of flat shoes or sneakers to give rest to your feet.

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(4) Bug Sprays

It is one of the very popular & common things to avoid during pregnancy. Bug spray, also known as insect repellant, is a substance that is applied to skin, clothing or other surfaces to discourage insects from landing or climbing on that surface. These are very popular household products that are present in almost every house to prevent & control insect-borne diseases.

A variety of bug sprays are available in markets but those containing synthetic chemicals such as diethyl-3-methyl benzamide (DEET) are typically harmful to pregnant women in high doses.

Synthetic insect repellant may cause serious pregnancy complications. Bug sprays can be used during pregnancy only with great precautions by following manufacturer’s instructions & stop applying if it irritates any part of your body.

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