10 Common Things You Must Avoid During Pregnancy

Common Things To Avoid During Pregnancy. Tightly dressed pregnant woman resting in her home.

Thus, it will be much better option to completely stop using synthetic bug sprays during pregnancy. However, you may control insects safely during this period by using non-chemical insect repellants such as special lights, candles or by using natural insecticides containing citronella oil as well as by using products which don’t involve aerosols.

(5) Lead Products

Lead products are another common things to avoid during pregnancy. Lead is found to occur in several common household items such as children toys, water pipes, home renovation paints, lead dust, etc. an excessive exposure to lead may lead to lead poisoning which in turn can result in serious risk to developing embryo, if consumed by pregnant women.

According to the Centers of Disease Control & Prevention, more than half a million children of age group 1-5 years in U.S. have higher levels of lead in blood sufficient to damage their health.

Some of the adverse effects of lead on baby during pregnancy include stunted fetal development, & premature birth. Thus, it is will be a good idea to avoid everything that has lead in its composition & instead stick to safer, less poisonous metal products.

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(6) Electric Blanket

It is one of the most common things to avoid during pregnancy in cold climatic conditions. Electric blanket is widely been used to keep the temperature at right levels in colder areas while sleeping. But, if overheated, it could be dangerous for expectant mom & her developing baby.

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