10 Common Things You Must Avoid During Pregnancy

Common Things To Avoid During Pregnancy. Tightly dressed pregnant woman resting in her home.

Thus, you should either avoid pesticides completely during pregnancy or use them as per manufacturer’s instructions, as well as by using a combination of hot water, hydrogen peroxide, & vinegar as an effective pregnancy-safe way to keep your house pest-free.

(8) Herbal Supplements

It is one of the popular pregnancy mistakes to avoid. Herbal supplements, also known as herbal remedies or herbal medicines, are easily available as over-the-counter medicines from health food shops or pharmacies.

According to recent estimates, more than 60 million Americans are known to consume herbal supplements without telling their physician.

It is fine to eat only the moderate of amount of safe, fresh or dried herbs in cooking up to prescribed limit after consulting your physician.

Generally, herbal supplements are not regulated by FDA & therefore, there is no guarantee regarding presence of listed ingredients as well as contaminants in supplements. Your prenatal vitamins are abundant source of all vitamins needed by you & your baby.

Some of the herbal supplements or medicinal herbs that must be avoided during pregnancy include sage (due to possibility of miscarriage & high blood pressure), chamomile (potentially harmful to baby), ginkgo biloba (interfere with natural blood coagulation), aloe species (stimulating uterus for miscarriage), herbal teas, black cohosh (stimulating uterine contractions), peppermint (stimulating or irritating uterus), ginger root, fennel seed, and many more.

Thus, it will be much safer option to consult your gynecologist before consuming herbal supplements during pregnancy.

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