10 Common Things You Must Avoid During Pregnancy

Common Things To Avoid During Pregnancy. Tightly dressed pregnant woman resting in her home.

(9) Fertilizers

It is another very common things to avoid during pregnancy. Fertilizers are great means to boost productivity of your kitchen garden as well as landscape plants. But, several commercial fertilizers are known to carry toxic chemicals that can adversely affect you & your developing baby.

Some of these fertilizers may result in fetal abnormalities such as chromosomal damage, miscarriage as well as stunted growth & development of baby.

As no specific information is available about the safety of fertilizers during pregnancy, it is best approach to avoid use of chemical fertilizers in your garden just to minimize your exposure.

Thus, you should either use natural fertilizers such as vermin-compost, or cow dung in your garden or ask someone else to complete the task of spraying fertilizers for you.

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(10) Paints & Paint-Thinners

It is another common things to avoid during pregnancy. Paints are great means to boost the appearance, life, texture of an object. Paints are usually applied to a substrate in a thin layer which in turn solidifies into solid film after few hours of application.

They are available in many different types such as water-based, oil-based, or synthetic, etc. Several paints are found to contain group of chemicals such as glycol ethers that acts as solvent & have different range of toxicity.

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