10 Cosmetic Products To Avoid During Pregnancy

Cosmetic Products To Avoid During Pregnancy. Pregnant woman applying cosmetic cream on her baby bump.

Every cosmetic product is not safe to use while pregnant. There is a list of cosmetic products you must avoid during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey in a woman’s life. It requires you to take a number of precautions to promote natural & healthy growth of fetus inside womb.

Generally, you are well aware of some of the common do’s & don’ts of pregnancy. But, you often ignore the adverse effects of cosmetic products while pregnant.

These skin care or beauty products are containing toxic chemicals. These chemicals are stronger enough to penetrate through skin of would-be mother. After reaching blood stream, it tends to affect your developing fetus.

You should carefully select the type of cosmetic products to use or avoid during pregnancy. Here are 10 cosmetic products to avoid during pregnancy or breastfeeding:

(1) Acne Medications

It is one of the most common skin care or cosmetic products to avoid during pregnancy. Acne is the most common symptom of pregnancy. It is usually treated with acne ointments or creams containing Accutane, Retin-A & Tetracycline as major ingredients.

But, these drugs in high doses are known to increase the possibility of miscarriage, stunted development & even serious birth defects in developing fetus.

It is always advised to completely avoid such acne medications before, during & after pregnancy. You should take this precaution for a period ranging from few months to few years.

Similarly, anti-ageing lotions & cosmetic products containing low-doses of retinoid or salicylic acid should be avoided. They are usually often used for the treatment of black spots on face. High doses of vitamin A in beauty products are also harmful to fetal health.

Thus, you should gently wash your face with an oil-free wash on day-to-day basis to treat & prevent acne. You should also refrain yourself from picking, scratching or excessive touching your affected areas of face to prevent acne.

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