10 Cosmetic Products To Avoid During Pregnancy

Cosmetic products to avoid during pregnancy stage. Pregnant woman applying cosmetic cream on her baby bump.

(2) Expensive & Luxurious Bath Products

It is one of the luxurious skin care or cosmetic products to avoid during pregnancy. Several women prefer to use highly expensive & luxurious bath products for themselves.

But, these beauty products usually consist of exotic ingredients or chemicals that can easily aggravate the skin to result in allergies or cancer.

According to a recent study conducted by German green consumer magazine Öko-Test (Eco-Test), cheap shower creams are found to contain safer ingredients as compared to expensive products.

Thus, it will be much better option to stick to cosmetic products that are particularly formulated for infants or young children. They are usually devoid of harmful ingredients or chemicals.

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(3) Nail Care Products

It is another very common beauty products to avoid while pregnant. Cosmetic beauty treatment of fingernails & toenails is considered to be a significant part of enhancing your glamorous looks.

But, nail care products such as nail polish & polish remover fluid are known to contain toxic chemicals. This can adversely affect your pregnancy by causing serious birth defects, stillbirths and impaired growth & development of fetus.

According to Time’s magazine’s list of worst jobs in America, working in nail salon is included among the list of worst jobs due to associated health problems. A North Carolina study has also found an increased risk of spontaneous abortion among nail salon employees.

These serious health concerns have forced suppliers to reformulate & reduce the concentration of harmful chemicals such as dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, & toluene. But, nail products continue to raise concerns about reproductive toxicity.

Thus, you should avoid use of harmful nail care products as much as possible. You should also feel proud to have naked nails while pregnant.

However, you may treat yourself to a manicure and/or pedicure in a well-ventilated salon without using any chemicals.

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