10 Cosmetic Products To Avoid During Pregnancy

Cosmetic Products To Avoid During Pregnancy. Pregnant woman applying cosmetic cream on her baby bump.

(8) Tattoos

It is another common beauty or cosmetic products to avoid during pregnancy. Tattoos are a great way to celebrate some special occasions or religious festivals. The art of tattooing traditional tattoos usually involves piercing of skin by using needle.

This process increases the chances of direct contact of tattoo dyes with bloodstream. As usual, the effect of tattoo dye on the growth of baby is still doubtful. The tattoo dyes usually not regulated as in the same manner as cosmetics.

However, if you are undergone tattoo removal process through laser treatment then azo dyes are known to split carcinogenic amines in blood. Tattoos inks may also cause allergic reactions that can be mild to severe in nature.

However, if you can’t resist of celebrating a special occasion or festival without tattooing then it will be much better option to get a natural henna (mehndi) tattoo.

It is temporary in nature but you should be sure that you are using only natural henna instead of black henna. Black henna is a synthetic chemical i.e. para-phenylendiamine (PPD) that is unsafe during pregnancy.

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(9) Hair Care Products

It is one of the most common beauty or cosmetic products to avoid during pregnancy. Hair grooming is a great way to enhance your beauty particularly your facial appearance.

But, if you are exposing yourself excessively to harmful hair care products at home or in a hair saloon then you might be at risk of miscarriage or bladder cancer.

It is always good option to skip hair dyes & highlights for hair grooming. Pregnant women should try to avoid excessive hair care. This is  due to the possibility of harmful exposure from chemicals in saloon products.

If you can’t resist from hair care then it will be best to use only non-toxic substances. It is also advised to get hair care in a well-ventilated spaceYou should never forget to wash those chemicals off your hairs properly as early as possible.

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