11 Shocking Things You Should Not To Ask Pregnant Women

Shocking things not to ask pregnant women. Beautiful & gorgeous pregnant woman showing her baby belly.

Pregnancy is usually a nine months long but exciting journey. It is often consisting of delicate yet difficult time periods. During this period, a lot of bodily changes take place at physical, hormonal & emotional levels.

Like everyone, you would also have several well-wishers, friends, family members, relatives & even co-workers. Now, they will get a good chance to give unsolicited advices to you from time-to-time.

Sometimes, they may also ask personal questions regarding pregnancy. It may hurt or irritate a pregnant woman to a significant extent. Here are 11 shocking things not to ask pregnant women:

(1) Most Probable Date Of Delivery

It is one of the common yet shocking things not to say pregnant women. People are often excited & curious to know about the exact due date of childbirth or delivery from a pregnant women.

But, pregnant women will never prefer to share these especial moments with everyone. The birth of baby is always a lifetime memorable event for a couple. It is especially true for the mother of a newborn.

Most of the expected moms will like to remain confined to their own baby during last stage of pregnancy. They usually avoid to remain surrounded with friends, relatives, & even coworkers.

You should never try to ask the exact date of childbirth or delivery from a lady who is carrying the baby bump. She might want to enjoy those unforgettable moments with her spouse & other close family members only.

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