11 Surprising Mistakes Performed By Pregnant Women

surprising pregnancy mistakes Pregnant woman consuming yoghurt at home.

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful & significant part of a woman’s life. It is truly enjoyable by a married & happy couple, particularly the expectant mother.

Pregnant woman has to keep a number of precautions during this delicate phase. It helps to promote natural & healthy growth of baby in the womb.

Some of the common precautions for a pregnant woman include right eating habits, light exercises, proper amount of resting & sleeping periods, consulting a gynecologist from time to time & many more.

You know a number of do’s & don’ts of pregnancy but still you can make some common yet surprising pregnancy mistakes unintentionally. Here are 11 surprising mistakes performed by pregnant women:

(1) Doubling Your Food Intake

It is one of the most common yet surprising pregnancy mistakes performed by a would-be mother. Several women believe that as pregnancy will result in adding one more life in women’s womb in form of developing baby.

Yes, you are two after pregnancy but it doesn’t mean that you should start doubling your food intake.

Generally, daily calorie requirement for a normal & healthy woman is roughly around 1800 to 2000 calories. Your tiny baby who just started growing in your placenta will only need 300 calories more than normal calorie intake.

You should consume healthy & balanced diet as per pregnancy diet chart. Its only to maintain your calorie intake as prescribed by your gynecologist. Your average weight gain during pregnancy should only be around 25 pounds.

However, you should be sure to ask your physician about expected weight gain during pregnancy for a normal & healthy delivery.

You should not forget that consuming excess food while pregnant could be dangerous. It may increase your chances of hypertension, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, & having a big baby.

This may in turn increase your chances for a C-section during delivery or parturition.

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