11 Surprising Mistakes Performed By Pregnant Women

surprising pregnancy mistakes Pregnant woman consuming yoghurt at home.

(2) Consuming Or Avoiding Medicines Without Consulting Physician

It is one of the most popular yet surprising pregnancy mistakes. Self medication can adversely affect the health of any person, particularly pregnant woman.

An expected mom should refrain from consuming antacids, paracetamol or even acne creams, etc. This can endanger the life of your developing baby.

If you are using over-the-counter drugs, self-medicating or undergoing harsh beauty or cosmetic treatments during pregnancy then it could even result in congenital abnormalities in your baby.

Similarly, if you are consuming some medicines for any preexisting medical condition such as diabetes, asthma, seizures, or psychiatric illness then you should never stop consuming them all of a sudden without consulting a physician.

It will be much better to consult a physician for taking valuable advice on continuing or stopping the medications during pregnancy to prevent any risk to the developing embryo.

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(3) Inadequate Amount Of Sleep

It is a very common yet surprising pregnancy mistakes done by would-be mothers. Sleep is significantly essential to revive your body for almost everything.

You need about 6-7 hours of sleep during routine life. But, you need about 9-10 hours of daily sleep during pregnancy stage.

It is due to major physical changes & hormonal modifications taking place within your body. However, if you avoid proper amount of sleep during this critical 9-months phase then it would result in pregnancy-fatigue.

A proper amount of sleep in good posture is a necessary condition to prepare your body to handle strains of labor & delivery. However, oversleeping should also be avoided to prevent sleep troubles after delivery when your baby has erratic sleep cycles.

Thus, you should maintain a good balance between resting enough & oversleeping.

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