10 Big Reasons Why Hot And Curvy Women Dating Ugly Men

Reasons Why Hot And Curvy Women Dating Ugly Men. Hot and curvy woman dating not so attractive (ugly) man.

Are you shocked to see hot girl with a less attractive guy? These big reasons why hot and curvy women dating ugly men can reveal the truth.

Everyone wants to date or marry someone with unique personality. This concept holds true not only for men but also for women. But, still several hot & gorgeous looking celebrity actress are dating or marrying less attractive or average looking actrerss.

Recently, a study conducted by Fashion Magazine AneCan in which magazine asks women if they’d rather date an ugly millionaire or unemployed hottie.

The survey was conducted on around 1,000 women & the results were surprising. In the study, 75.5% of respondents picked the financially successful yet visually unimpressive man as the more eligible bachelor.

Generally, physical attractiveness of long-term mates is more important to men than to women. However, this huge difference in physical attributes of such incompatible life partner can confuse almost anybody.

There could be one or more reasons behind this age old mystery. Here are 10 possible reasons why beautiful bombshells dating or marrying not so attractive (ugly) men:

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(1) Ugly Men Have Enough Amount of Money

It is one of the most important reasons why hot and curvy women dating ugly men. Money is never found to be linked with looks of a man. One can earn money depending on his own educational qualification, unique skills, sports talent, luck, inherited money & many more.

Generally, it is found that ugliest person in the room is usually the richest person in the room or even country. These types of unattractive men are in the habit of saving their pennies for the future.

They can easily shower this hard earned money for their would-be partner in form of expensive gifts, adventurous trips & negotiable bonds.

A gorgeously looking & money-oriented woman will quickly fall in love with such guys. They are perhaps the best match for a greedy woman that needs money irrespective to the looks of her expected life partner.

However, if an ugly man loses his wealth in the mid of his life due to any reasons then such hot ladies would be first to separate from them.

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