11 Methods To Weed Out Fake Matrimonial Profiles Online

Methods To Weed Out Fake Matrimonial Profiles Online. Man removing the mask of beautiful woman to explain the concept of fake profile.

(6) Activity Status Of The Concerned Matrimonial Profile

It is one of the most shocking ways or methods to weed out fake matrimonial profiles online. One can open his/her matrimonial profile anytime of his/her own choice. Some of the candidates can open their profile & forget about it.

There activity status is almost passive as they have not logged in even for months. Sometimes, a profile can remain inactive even for years. There can be profile of those who have created it when they were not married but after they got married they forgot to delete the profile. These profiles still remain in the database of matrimonial sites.

For example, if a profile owner has not logged in for 2 to 3 months then it will be better to filter such profiles from your searches. Therefore, you should don’t waste your precious time for sending expression of interest to inactive profiles.

You should neither wait for their responses nor become paid member to communicate with them.

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(7) Matrimonial Profiles That Never Age With Time

It is one of the most amazing ways or methods to weed out fake matrimonial profiles online. Everyone tends to grow with time. It is usually reflected in form of increasing his/her age with time.

No candidate can decrease in his/her age neither they can remain constant at a certain age. But, in matrimonial community, opposite can also come true.

One can decrease in age or remain constant even after few years of posting his/her profile. It happens due to the ability to change your age in a given profile. But, this could increase the possibility to make fraud with potential partner.

Generally, people prefer to marry younger bride with elder groom. But, in absence of authentic age figures, this can often misguide people looking for arranged marriage through such marriage portals.

Thus, you are advised to check the age related documents before coming to a final conclusion.

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