11 Methods To Weed Out Fake Matrimonial Profiles Online

Methods To Weed Out Fake Matrimonial Profiles Online. Man removing the mask of beautiful woman to explain the concept of fake profile.

(8) Marital Status That Keeps On Rolling

It is one of the most surprising ways or methods to weed out fake matrimonial profiles online. Most of the single individuals prefer to marry those who never got married.

However, those who are divorced would like to marry either single (who never got married) or even divorced. But, some individuals (mostly who are divorced) can change between different marital status from time to time.

It is perhaps done to hide their earlier relationship from their prospective partner. These candidates should be ignored as they are not faithful in announcing their marital status.

However, if you still want to contact them then don’t forget to perform a thorough enquiry about their previous relationships, if any. It will help to avoid any difficulties that may arise if such candidates have not been divorced legally through court.

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(9) Multiple Profiles With Different Descriptions

It is one of the most important ways or methods to weed out fake matrimonial profiles online. Internet has provided us an easy access to thousands of dating or matrimonial sites.

You can quickly get registered with them free of cost. You can even open multiple profiles within the same website even from a single email.

Sometimes, people open multiple profiles in same or different websites with completely different profile descriptions. It is usually done for the purpose of committing fraud.

You should always thoroughly check such profiles of a potential candidate. If he/she is having multiple profiles then it will be better to stay away from such candidates.

These types of candidates are mostly fake one or their intention is not legitimate for a relationship.

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1 Comment on 11 Methods To Weed Out Fake Matrimonial Profiles Online

  1. Register in those matrimony sites that provide you safety tips before you start dating or communicating with someone. It is true there has been quite a few frauds in matrimony. Awareness can help you to avoid a fake profile.
    If you upload your profile picture make sure the website has ssl certificate for secure data. Also, check that the website is having a robots.txt file that instructs not to crawl webpages that contain personal information.

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