15 Best Qualities Of Ugly Men To Date Gorgeous Women

Qualities Of Ugly Men To Date Gorgeous Women. Gorgeous woman posing with ugly man.

(2) Confident & Outgoing Attitude

It is one of the most desirable qualities of ugly men to date gorgeous women. Confidence is extremely necessary to approach a pretty woman. If you don’t have confidence to ask your potential partner then you are likely to miss an opportunity.

Women usually prefer to date or marry men who are interesting, confident, & outgoing. Less attractive men are usually inherited with such personal qualities. These personal qualities attract gorgeously looking bombshells towards them.

According to a 2011 study published in Telegraph, less attractive men are inherently overconfident about their own looks.

This overconfidence causes them to try their luck with a greater number of women as they are less likely to see them as unattainable. This results in reducing the chances of missing out on a potential partner.

On the other hand, attractive men are never hitting on hot women. It is due to their inflated ego that keeps them waiting for women to come onto them. This results in missing out the opportunities for dating or wedding hot & seductive women.

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(3) Altruistic Behavior

It is one of the most necessary qualities of ugly men to date gorgeous women. Altruistic behavior is the principle or practice of concern for the welfare of others.

It can play a significant role in mate selection process. This unique behavior pattern of ugly men can quickly attract any woman towards them.

According to The Journal of Social Psychology, women tend to prefer altruistic men over attractiveness for long term relationships.

Some of the common altruistic behaviors include donating blood, helping to push a stranger’s car out of snow, helping old age persons or even physically disabled persons, & many more. These little yet important tasks can boost one’s value as a mating partner.

Additionally, people who scored higher on altruistic behavior are found to have more sexual partners, more casual sex partners & had sex more often within relationships.

Thus, one should develop altruistic behavior in order to compete with ugly men for hot ladies.

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