15 Online Dating Mistakes To Avoid Relationship Failure

Online Dating Mistakes To Avoid Relationship Failure Beautiful woman surprised to know online dating mistakes.

Navigating the world of online dating is not an easy task. These online dating mistakes to avoid relationship failure are useful.

Online dating is not a stigma anymore in this modern age. More and more people are getting online to meet someone special in their life.

According to a post published in Nasdaq, online dating industry generates approximately $2 billion in revenue each year in US alone. It is even expanding at an annual growth rate of 5.3% from 2012 to 2017.

Today, internet has provided innumerable dating or matrimonial sites to meet millions of users. These sites are a great way to meet single & like-minded persons at one place. These like-minded individuals are often categorized into different groups.

Some of the most popular ways to categorize potential partners include age, caste, race, physical attributes, personal preferences & many more.

Beside these sites, several social networking websites are also a popular mode of flourishing new love stories every now & then. Therefore, a plenty of websites exist to find true love on internet.

But, you need to remain cautious when dating someone online. A small mistake can ruin a new budding relationship within no time. Here are 15 online dating or matrimonial mistakes to prevent worst experience or results:

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(1) Uploading Lackluster, Blurry, Outdated Or Unrealistic Dating Profile Photos

It is one of the most critical online dating mistakes to avoid relationship failure. Dating or matrimonial profile photos are a good means to make first impression on potential partner. It is likely to attract more candidates if the first photo appears to be attractive in nature.

This form of first impression tends to affect both genders to certain extent. However, men are likely to value physical attractiveness more than that of women.

It is because they believe that good looks (facial symmetry or youthfulness) are an indication of fertility. But, still most of the online daters ignore this hard fact when uploading photos.

Some of the most common mistakes associated with dating or matrimonial profile photos include posting blurry or phony images, posting old & outdated images, posting group photos, posting body revealing images, posting images covered with sunglasses, posting one or no photo at all, & many more.

These bad photos often fail to grab the first attention of potential partner. This ultimately results in bad response even when you are highly qualified to access a good partner.

Therefore, you are always advised to post good, clear & most recent photos in dating or matrimonial profiles.

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