Top 10 Green Wedding Tips For A Wonderful Marriage

Top 10 Green Wedding Tips For A Wonderful Marriage Green wedding venue ready for organizing a green wedding ceremony.

Green wedding is a new concept in matrimonial industry that is not much difficult to achieve. If you have some green wedding tips in your hand then no one can prevent you from having a wonderful, nature-friendly & yet enjoyable marriage ceremony.

In green wedding, couple’s wedding plans are basically designed to optimize the consumption of natural & earth-friendly resources along with minimizing the wastage of items after the completion of wedlock ceremony.

According to a recent study, an average marriage ceremony is found to produce around 400-600 lbs. of garbage & around 63 tons of CO2. This is very much equivalent to about 8.3 million cars on road in a single year!

Today, we have a number of green wedding options around our place of living. We just need to stick to our favorite & eco-friendly wedlock option without compromising on our budget, vision, style, fun or even sanity. Here are top 10 nature-friendly wedding tips for a wonderful marriage:

(1) Holding Marriage Ceremony & Reception At One Eco-Friendly Place

It is one of the topmost green wedding tips for an environment friendly marriage ceremony. You should hold your marriage ceremony & reception in one place. This step will avoid excess traveling of your guest.

This strategy will not only save your valuable time but will also save money spent on transportation or fuels.

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