10 Shocking Women Sex Secrets You Must know

Shocking Women Sex Secrets You Must know. Gorgeous looking woman looking relaxed with her male partner.

In olden times, women were just confined to bedroom for participating in sexual activities. But, modern day women are adventurous enough to participate in sexual activities in newly explored areas.

Some of the new emerging hot spots for sexual encounters include kitchens, bathrooms, dinning table, guest rooms, hotel rooms, personal restaurants.

Today, women are even ready to have adventurous sex in outdoor locations such as natural destinations, sea beaches, mountainous regions and many more with some privacy for intimacy. Men should always be ready to fulfill meet his partner’s sexual imaginations.

(6) Women Need Warm Attention After Sex

It is one of the most unbelievable adult & sexy women sex secrets about after sex feelings. A warm attention of her male partner is often considered necessary to boost sexual activities. But, a warm attention after sex is also equally important to meet or even exceed her sexual imaginations.

These tender moments are sufficient enough to go beyond actual lovemaking. Men often prefer to fall asleep after sexual encounters. This is perhaps due to the fact that male’s endorphin levels are very high during sex.

After ejaculation, a man goes through refractory period in which his erection is lost gradually along with various other biological systems of body.

In females, this refractory phase is known to happen even much slower as compared to their male counterparts. Men should try to fall asleep only after cuddling their partner to meet her expectations.

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