10 Shocking Women Sex Secrets You Must know

Shocking Women Sex Secrets You Must know. Gorgeous looking woman looking relaxed with her male partner.

(7) Women Loves Moderately Rough Sex

It is one of the highly surprising sexy & adult women sex secrets that are quite hard to believe. Like men, women also love to be treated moderately rough during sex rather then going slow.

But, you should not forget that every female is different from one another so the significance of wise & responsible male partner arises. Men should ask women about her sexual fantasies, her likes & dislikes in performing sexual activities.

Some of the moderately aggressive sexual practices include mild hair pulling, playful ear biting, once-in-a-while rough sex and many more.

This mutual understanding between a young & sexually active couple can really boost their sexual satisfaction & performance. However, you should never forget to have foreplay before initiating sexual intercourse with your partner.

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(8) Women Likes Foreplay Even More Then An Orgasm

It is one of the strangest beautiful & gorgeous adult women sex secrets about orgasm. Foreplay is actually a preparation prior to initiating sexual activity with your partner. It is often considered as necessary step in sexual intercourse to derive optimum sexual pleasure & satisfaction.

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