10 Shocking Women Sex Secrets You Must know

Shocking Women Sex Secrets You Must know. Gorgeous looking woman feeling relaxed with her male partner.

But, unlike men, women needs more time to achieve orgasm during climax as compared to men. It is great thing for couples to achieve orgasm together.

Several women enjoy foreplay even more then actually getting involved in sexual activity. A caring & responsible male partner may try to bring his woman to climactic sexual culmination.

But, men should never put pressure on woman to reach an orgasm after sex. You should always respect the feelings of woman during sexual encounters.

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(9) Women Wants To Be Dominated By Her Partner

It is one of the most unbelievable adult & sexy women sex secrets that should be respected by men. Several women prefer to be dominated in bed irrespective to their own status in society as well as in their own life.

It is usually observed that even the most modern women who love to remain independent in various aspects of life wants her men to dominate in bed. You should always be ready to accept her challenge in bed.

However, men should never try to forcefully dominate their partner even in a man-dominating society. You should always respect & ready to be commanding during sex without losing your sensitivity towards her responses. A right balance will definitely boost your sexual fantasies.

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