10 Sick Mentalities Of Film Makers Asking For Casting Couch

Sick Mentalities Of Film Makers Asking For Casting Couch Beautiful aspiring model stripping in front of casting agent.

Casting couch is a reality in entertainment industry. These sick mentalities of film makers asking for casting couch are highly ridiculous.

Casting couch is the illegal practice of demanding sexual favors by film makers or directors or casting agents from aspiring actresses or actors in return for awarding role in the film or serials. This form of culture is prevalent in a number of industries but glam industries are only targeted by media due to the popularity of associated people.

This controversial issue is gaining popularity as new & established celebrities joining #metoo movement.

Some of the popular celebrities from around the world who joined #metoo movement include Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd, Ayushmann Khurrana, Ranveer Singh, Tanushree Dutta, & many more.

It is perhaps the best way to expose these powerful & influential but mean-minded culprits publicly. One should always avoid working with these types of people to avoid his/her exploitation in the industry.

But, what is the mindset of these industry people regarding casting couch menace. Here are 10 dirty mindsets of industry people demanding casting couch for roles:

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(1) Attain Desirable Stardom But Through Casting Couch Route Only

It is one of the most ridiculously sick mentalities of film makers asking for casting couch. Stardom is the status or position of being a well-known or talented celebrity or star. It is usually achieved after performing a memorable role in a blockbuster film or TV serial.

But, the initial route of being a member of such a team is not an easy process. It is particularly true when the aspiring actresses or actors don’t belong to a well-known family of the same industry.

However, if the aspiring candidates are completely outsiders then they have to undergo rigorous screen tests. It is usually needed to prove their acting skills for the most appropriate role.

At this stage, newcomers are totally dependent on the mercy of casting agents or directors. But, these mean-minded culprits in the industry never hesitate to take the advantage of newcomer’s situation.

They prefer to cast only those who can do some compromise for their casting agents or directors. It is because once they will attain stardom in the industry they are less likely to entertain their first directors or casting agents so easily.

Thus, these culprits start asking for sexual favor for providing a chance to gain stardom in coming years.

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