10 Sick Mentalities Of Film Makers Asking For Casting Couch

Sick Mentalities Of Film Makers Asking For Casting Couch Beautiful aspiring model stripping in front of casting agent.

(2) Obey The Orders Of Your Boss In The Industry

It is one of the dirtiest mindsets of industry people demanding casting couch for awarding roles. Entertainment industry is a big industry with huge turnover worldwide. It is employing a number of people either directly or indirectly.

New aspiring actresses or actors along with well-known & reputed celebrities are also employed by the industry. However, those sitting in big & important position in the industry such as casting agents or directors or even producers are their employers.

There dirty minds often think that they are the one who will decide which actress will become popular & which one falls. Therefore, for being an employer of would-be celebrity they deserve to give orders to them.

Like other industries, these orders of a boss must be obeyed by their employees. But, there orders are perhaps of a different nature in film industry.

They are demanding a “bed squeeze” session for multiple times during the shooting schedule. Some can even ask for sexual pleasure before commencing the shooting schedule. However, those who don’t obey their dirty orders are likely to be fired anytime soon.

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(3) Everyone Is Selling Body & Soul For Fame & Fortune Then Why Not You

It is one of the most surprising mindsets of industry people demanding casting couch for awarding roles. Film industry whether Bollywood or Hollywood is full of glamour where women are portrayed as sex objects on screen.

They are specially designed to provide sexual pleasure to men watching them. It is the reason why women’s roles are usually designed to display beautiful body assets within the story.

This is further exemplified by the presence of “item songs” in Bollywood movies every now & then. In such sexually explicit songs, women are scantily dressed to dance wildly on lyrics loaded with double meaning.

These erotic songs are often performed on occasions being ogled by crowds of lecherous men. This feeds the culture of sexism outside of the movies as well.

Finally, movies themselves leave women at the mercy of male gaze & desire. Therefore, it’s unlikely that film makers themselves would treat actresses with respect.

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