10 Sick Mentalities Of Film Makers Asking For Casting Couch

Sick Mentalities Of Film Makers Asking For Casting Couch Beautiful aspiring model stripping in front of casting agent.

(4) Nothing Wrong When Sex Takes Place Between Two Sexually Mature Adults

It is one of the most shocking views of film makers regarding casting couch culture. Human beings are considered to be adults when they have attained sexual maturity.

Most of the countries provide adults above the age group of 18 years to take all forms of decisions independently. They are free to choose what is right & what is wrong for them in the society.

They can choose their partners to begin sexual relationship. They are free to start dating someone they love. They may also start live-in relationship or casual sex with one or more partners. This type of relationship will be within law as long as both partners are mutually agreed for it.

Film or television industry is also dealing with aspiring actresses or actors. Most of them are fully-grown adults above the age of 18 years.

They are known to carry their own responsibilities regarding the outcome of their roles in a TV serial or film. Simultaneously, they are also responsible about how to deal with casting agents, directors & even producers.

In case, they are mutually agreed to share bed for sexual encounters then there is nothing wrong in such activities. This type of mindset prevailing in the industry is also accelerating casting couch culture to a great extent.

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(5) Film Industry Is An Overcrowded Brothel & Competition Is Very High

It is one of the worst views of film makers regarding casting couch culture. Film & television industry is a big industry with billion dollars of turnover worldwide.

It is providing huge number of employment opportunities to people of all age groups either directly or indirectly. However, the amount of remuneration or package also fluctuates wildly from one celebrity to another.

It usually depends on individual’s own value within the industry. Due to this associated stardom, the competition is also extremely high to get desirable roles in a film.

This competition is affecting not only new & aspiring actresses & actors but also well-established actresses & actors. They are ready to compromise to any extent just to grab some unique opportunities on arrival.

Simultaneously, there is no scarcity of people who consider the whole industry as an overcrowded brothel where you can ask for sexual favors in return for providing unique roles.

Thus, they start demanding sexual pleasure as an incentive to providing roles to all types of actresses & actors whether newcomer or well-established.

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