10 Sick Mentalities Of Film Makers Asking For Casting Couch

Sick Mentalities Of Film Makers Asking For Casting Couch Beautiful aspiring model stripping in front of casting agent.

(6) Film Directors And Producers Have A Right Over You

It is one of the most common reasons why film makers & directors ask for casting couch. Film industry is a very insecure place to work.

You have to deal with all types of casting agents & directors. They can be good or bad particularly when their terms & conditions are considered.

Good casting agents are very rare as they are known to cast someone depending on their hidden talents or acting skills. But, bad casting agents or directors are huge in number.

They often connect ridiculous terms & conditions for casting someone in their upcoming films or TV series. They may ask actresses to sexually satisfy people in powerful positions after the end of shooting schedule.

They think that asking sexual favors in return of providing role is their right. They don’t want to give away this right on you.

Thus, they start calling their star cast to satisfy their sexual needs from time-to-time.

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(7) Sex Today & Film Role Tomorrow

It is one of the wildest reasons why film makers & directors ask for casting couch. Casting agents & directors are often hit by new & aspiring actresses & actors in the industry.

These would-be celebrities are in urgent need of getting roles in films & TV serials. They are continuously pursuing these casting agent & directors from time-to-time.

It is done just to get some roles in their production houses. But, these film makers & directors don’t bother to consider these aspiring actresses & actors unless they are ready to have sex with them.

Once it is done, they move forward to look for someone else for the same. In this process, several individuals lose their virginity without getting anything from them.

This whole process continues in the industry without any check. However, true actresses & actors with enough acting skills continue to suffer for getting their favorite roles.

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