10 Sick Mentalities Of Film Makers Asking For Casting Couch

Sick Mentalities Of Film Makers Asking For Casting Couch Beautiful aspiring model stripping in front of casting agent.

(8) Casting Couch Is Industry Norms Since Beginning Of Film Making

It is one of the most unbeatable mentalities behind film makers demanding sexual favor. Every industry is found to have certain norms to promote work culture in employees.

These industry norms are usually framed by government of concerned country. But, it can also be framed by businesses communities or business associations.

Sometimes, self-regulation also works in absence of both. The objective of industry norms is to promote safe & secure work culture in a business organization.

Film industry is usually self-regulated as far as casting of star cast in movies or TV serials is concerned. Casting agents or directors often frame certain norms that are favorable solely to them.

They don’t bother to consider the human rights of aspiring actresses & actors. Several casting agents or directors & producers are known to demand for sexual favor in return of awarding roles to their star cast.

No one is ready to raise objection on the thinking of such people perhaps due to absence of legislature. Additionally, it is often within the boundaries of the personal bedroom of these powerful people.

Finally, no proof is available against them as long as aspiring actresses & actors are co-operating with them. Thus, casting couch has been accepted as dirty truth by industry people since the beginning of the film industry.

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(9) Give & Take Attitude To Continue Work Relationships

It is one of the most critical mentalities behind film makers demanding sexual favor. One can continue work relationship as long as his/her employer is satisfied with the quality of work done by you.

It is prevalent in almost all types of industries including film industry. But, one more thing is equally important in film industry beside quality of work. It is what extra things you can do for employers to continue work relationship with them.

Several film makers have adopted give & take attitude in the industry. They don’t hesitate to ask aspiring actresses or actors to sleep with them.

It is something necessary to continue work relationship. If someone is not ready to accept their proposal to sleep with them on their demands then he/she is likely to be fired soon.

This can happen anytime even within the mid of the TV serial or movie. However, those who are ready to accept their sleeping proposal can easily get lateral entry in the ongoing episodes.

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