11 Things Men Notice While Watching Women’s Breast

Things Men Notice While Watching Women’s Breast Young man almost lost in a new world after viewing women'a breast.

Men can go crazy almost immediately after viewing boobs. These things men notice while watching women’s breast are appealing.

Men can stare at women’s breast without feeling tired even after devoting few long hours. They continue to obsess with breasts as long as they are displayed for them.

But, every breast is not equivalent to one another. They can vary from one woman to another depending on its size, shape & firmness. It is something that can make women’s breasts a lot more attractive to men.

Additionally, the way of displaying them publicly through low cut dresses can also play a major role. It is the reason why women love to devote enough time to showcase them to men.

But, whenever they are displayed, it triggers a set of mind games in men. Here are 11 things men think or observe when viewing boobs or cleavage:

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(1) Men Want To View Actual Size Of Breast

It is one of the first things men notice while watching women’s breast. Breast can vary in terms of its size. Some women can have larger breasts while others can have breasts that are medium to smaller in size.

Similarly, men’s preference can also vary when it comes to breast size. Some men prefer bigger breasts while others prefer for smaller to medium sized breasts.

According to a recent survey conducted by Dr Ed, more than 60 percent of men & almost 54 percent of women favored the medium sized cup. However, there are still 31 percent of women & 5 percent of men who liked bigger breasts.

But, finding the actual boob size of a woman is not an easy task. It is due to the availability of various tricks to make even a smaller breast to appear bigger.

Some of the tricks to make breast look bigger instantly include applying breast makeup, using pushup bras, using silicon bra inserts, using bra-strap clips, as well as by wearing cloths with horizontal strips, empire-line garments, cloths that cinch at waist line & many more.

These types of hidden tricks can easily create an illusion of a bigger breast. Therefore, men start observing women’s breast keenly to differentiate the natural breasts from artificial bust enhancing techniques. Thus, they keep staring them for a much longer time to find the truth.

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