10 Dirty Secrets Of Casting Couch Culture In Film Industry

Dirty Secrets Of Casting Couch Culture In Film Industry casting couch tainted producer Harvey Weinstein posing with Hollywood actresses.

Casting couch exist long before the start of film industry. These dirty secrets of casting couch culture in film industry needs to be disclosed.

Casting couch is illegal practice of asking sexual favors by casting agents or directors or producers in return for securing roles in films or TV serials. It is usually the aspiring actresses or actors who are mostly targeted to undergo casting couch process.

But, it doesn’t mean that famous & well-established actresses or actors are immune to this controversial issue. Sometimes, they are also asked to undergo the same process to continue work relationship with such dirty minded people in the industry.

According to a post published in Mirchi9, Shruti Hariharan, an Indian film actress, made serious allegations on senior actor Arjun Sarja for demanding an unplanned foreplay scene with her. He demanded it after running his hand behind her back in an unusual way, pulling her closer to him and hugging her.

These demands of sexual favors are not a new thing in the film industry worldwide. They are often raised in the industry from time-to-time.

But, only a few of them come to the limelight while many of them go unreported even by media houses. It particularly happens when aspiring actresses or actors surrender themselves to those dirty directors & producers for some reasons. Here are 10 dark sides of casting couch menace in glamour industry:

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(1) Everyone Is Eager To Take Advantage Of Others During Difficult Times

It is one of the most ridiculous & dirty secrets of casting couch culture in film industry. Every industry offers some form of competition to all types of candidates.

But, the competition is extremely severe among those who don’t belong to filmy background. It is mostly aspiring actresses or actors who are completely outsiders for the industry.

They are usually among those who are likely to be suffers of the casting couch culture. It is due to the fact that at early stage of their career their acting skills are often under-looked by majority of industry people.

It is often done just to take the advantage of aspiring actresses or actors situation during their difficult time. At this stage, casting agents or directors & even those who claimed to be “great” producers are looking for sexual favors from them.

They are eagerly looking to get those young aspiring actresses or actors into their bed for sexual encounters. These controversial activities are done under the pretext of attaining stardom.

Those who are ready to compromise may get a chance while those who refuse to compromise are rejected quickly.

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