10 Dirty Secrets Of Casting Couch Culture In Film Industry

Dirty Secrets Of Casting Couch Culture In Film Industry casting couch tainted producer Harvey Weinstein posing with Hollywood actresses.

(4) Casting Couch Is Even Worse Than Prostitution

It is one of the most horrible secrets of casting couch in cinema industry worldwide. Prostitution is the act or practice of engaging in sexual activities with someone for money.

It can be legal or illegal depending on the country where it is taking place. However, casting couch is mostly illegal practice of providing sexual pleasure to somebody for securing roles in film.

Prostitution & casting couch may appear to be a similar task at first sight. But, they differ a lot from one another in certain aspects.

Prostitution provides you the facility to accept or reject a client as per your own choice to make money. On the other hand, casting couch doesn’t provide you the facility to reject a client.

You have to sleep even with those people whom you dislike for various reasons. It is perhaps the necessary condition for aspiring actresses or actors in order to achieve their ambitions in film industry.

Additionally, you might be asked to sleep with one or more people for several days or even months until they are sexually satisfied. It is highly complicated practice that can shake the confidence of anybody.

It is particularly true for those who thinks casting couch to be limited between one or two people & aspiring actresses for one or two days only. Thus, casting couch appears to be even worse activity than prostitution itself.

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(5) No Guarantee Of Work Or Success After Getting Surrendered For Casting Couch

It is one of the hidden secrets of casting couch in cinema industry worldwide. Entertainment industry is full of people who claim to provide guaranteed work or success to anybody.

These claims are often made to ensure the significance of casting couch in front of aspiring celebrities. But, this is completely fake claim by industry people.

There are hundreds of strivers who surrendered their hot & seducing body for casting couch. But, they have ended up their career for street-walking, or becoming a ‘junior artist’ in film or TV serials.

Generally, you can’t provide guarantee of work to anybody in the industry for long time. Your success will largely depend on your hard work & acting skills rather than providing sexual pleasure to few big people.

Thus, aspirants are always advised to adopt only the right path rather than shortcuts. It is possible that you might get delayed in getting work. But, ultimately your talent will provide you the fame & success you deserve to be.

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