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10 Physical Changes To Women’s Body During Sex

Physical Changes That Happen To Women’s Body During Sex. Beautiful Young Couple In Bed.

(2) Nipples Become Erect

It is one of the most common & noticeable physical changes that happen to female’s body during love making. Woman’s nipples become erect during foreplay & sexual activities.

It is mainly due to the contraction of small muscle fibers in response to sexual arousal. Along with this exciting change, small veins in female breast also become more visible or prominent.

One can notice such momentarily changes quite easily even by touching them.

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(3) Areola Swells

It is one of the tricky yet wonderful physical changes to women’s body during sex. Woman’s areola swells during love making.

It is usually to such an extent that it can look like nipples are no longer erect. But, actually nipples & areola stays in aroused state until orgasm occurs.

Sometimes, areola may look pinkish in color. It is perfectly normal physical change that gradually diminishes after orgasm.

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