10 Physical Changes To Women’s Body During Sex

Physical Changes That Happen To Women’s Body During Sex. Beautiful Young Couple In Bed.

(4) Vaginal Expansion

It is one of the great & hidden physical changes that happen to female’s body during love making. Vagina is a very elastic organ of a woman’s body. It undergoes expansion process during sexual arousal.

Its outer lips will become puffier & change in color too. All this happen due to increased blood flow towards her pelvic reason.

It is a wonderful experience that creates pleasurable sensation to the concerned areas. This complete process is a natural preparation of her body to participate in such activities.

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(5) Heart Beats Faster

It is one of the most beautiful physical changes to women’s body during sex. Heart is often considered as the factory of love. Once a woman is sexually aroused, her heart starts beating faster than in normal situations.

It is a normal process of a human’s body to participate in sexual activities. It is extremely essential process to meet the increased demand of oxygen in body.

It is also needed to carry various sex hormones to the participating sex organs. These love hormones are major component in creating an emotional bond with your partner during sex.

After reaching orgasm, women’s heart rate will again reach to its normal pace.

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