20 Great Ways To Make Money While Traveling Abroad

Make Money While Traveling Abroad Beautiful traveler taking snapshot at a tourist destination.

(2) Get Paid For Psychic Reading

It is one of the great ways to make money while traveling abroad. Psychic reading is an ancient practice of divination. It involves predicting the future of a person through various psychic measures.

The profession of a psychic reader or fortune teller is quite controversial but you can still attract huge number of people for your services.

Some of the common types of psychic reading include palm reading, astrological reading, aura reading, tarot reading, playing card reading, cleromancy, distant reading, numerology, rune reading, lithomancy and crystallomancy.

You can start giving paid psychic suggestions to people while traveling. It will help you to make some extra money for your valuable service.

However, you need to be an expert in any of the psychiatric subject to attract huge crowd as well as to make money from them.

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(3) Start Administering International Exams

It is one of the professional & reputed ways to make money while traveling abroad. Several internationally recognized English exams like TOEFL or IELTS are always looking to hire native English speakers.

These people are required for the role of examiners while conducting such exams for students abroad. You just need to apply for the post of examiner at respective websites.

You will get paid for your valuable service during exam day. However, you will have the most of the week free for enjoying your travel.

But, you should make sure to commit some long working hours on the weekends for this job, although the pay for the job is decent.

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