26 Amazing Tricks To Get Cheap Airline Tickets

Tricks To Get Cheap Airline Tickets. Businessman moving towards airport after getting cheap airline tickets.

(14) Take Flight On Right Day

It is one of the most common ways or tricks to find cheap flight tickets. Airlines often increase airfare on busy days like Friday or Sundays.

It will be better to plan your flights on days with less air traffic such as Wednesday, followed by Tuesday or a Saturday.

(15) Take Point-Of-Sale Advantage

It is one of the hidden tricks to get cheap airfare tickets for travel trips. Point-of-sale (POS) is the time & place where a transaction is completed. You can book your cheap airplane tickets from a fake location or place.

Fake location is a place other than your own destination. You can do it by just changing your site location. Sometimes, same plane tickets are offered at huge discounted rate at other locations as compared to your original location.

You can also use a VPN approach for changing your IP address to take the advantage of this method.

However, some airlines website may revert back prices to original point-of-sale on using credit cards. You should search for airlines that apply similar charges for local & foreign customers.

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